How to Maintain Cleanliness Until Trash Pickup Day

If you are worried about odors and pests around the home due to trash, you are not alone. The heat of the Los Altos sun also causes concern for many people who do not want their trash to stink up the neighborhood or their home. It’s not difficult to keep the odors and problems away no matter how much trash compiles in the home. Use the tips below to get started.

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·    Don’t Throw Food Into the Trash: This will definitely cause hideous odors, pests, and lots of mess that you probably don’t want to clean up. Keep trash in a bag in the refrigerator until the night prior to pickup to prevent problems.

·    Tie up the Bags: Do not place open trash bags filled with trash into the garbage can. This is only going to cause garbage to spill out into the can and create a mess for you to clean, on top of bags and odors.

·    Purchase the Good Trash Bags: Yes, the bags cost a little bit more than the current bags that you use, but they prevent odors and tears so there is less mess, less stench, and less worry. And when it comes to trash, nothing is more important.

·    Clean Out the Can: Use bleach to clean out the trash can at least once per month or more often if it is needed. When you clean out the can regularly, any trash or liquid that is left behind is washed away and there is no buildup to concern yourself over.

It’s possible to keep your place clean, odor-free, and sanitary until trash pickup day with minimal effort required. Keep the above tips in mind if you want to join that crowd of people and keep your home clean until trash pickup los altos day.

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