Setting Up A Stress Free Move

When moving from one location to another the process can be very stressful.  When first deciding to move most people will look at the entire house and one huge item that needs to be broken down into a bunch of smaller items.  When this happens most people will begin to stress out over the sheer size of the task at hand.  However, if you hire Residential movers Marietta they will be able to take off a lot of the stress and get your house moved to your new location.

Packing your stuff

When packing your stuff you will want to do it in an orderly way.  You want to focus first on the rooms that you don’t use most.  For example the living room, dining room and spare bedrooms.  Pack up these rooms first.  This will give you room to stack boxes and start sorting stuff.

Get rid of stuff

Now that you are moving it is a perfect excuse to throw stuff away.  If you have stuff you haven’t touched in years or if it is worn and outdated throw it out.  If you are someone that doesn’t want to throw stuff away then hold a garage sale. 

Storage Units

Try to avoid storage units if at all possible.  When we rent storage units we are just spending money month after month on stuff we are not using.  Over time we would have spent enough money on these units to have purchased the items again and again.  If you are going to get a unit however, only hold on to it for a short period of time. 

Write inventory lists

Residential movers Marietta

When we pack our boxes we typically just write kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom on the boxes.  This may be okay for most situations but for others keeping a full list is more practical.  This can be done by writing the name of the room, a number on the box and then list a few specific items that are in the box.  Then when unpacking you can prioritize your boxes and if you are using a storage unit can place the more important boxes at the front for easy access.