Tips For Keeping You Safe

Home and personal security are big businesses.  In today’s world we have locks on everything from our homes to our phones.  These locks are designed to keep others out and the information and content within secure from others.  Sometimes in our haste we might find ourselves in need of a mobile locksmith hamburg nj to get out of a jam.  They can arrive with their truck and through the use of special tools unlock our locks.  Here are a few other tips that you can use to keep yourself safe.

Randomize passwords

With passwords too often people will use simple passwords such as “password”, “god”, “money” or “love”.  These passwords are supposed to be randomized and help keep people locked out of our stuff.  If you forget a password on your computer there are software programs that will help unlock you or if you are locked out of a service you may need to do verification to prove your identity.  When creating a password create one that is random but easy to remember. Don’t use common names or sequential numbers.

Don’t tell people your business

Social media is a huge thing.  However people will use this to gain access to you and your information.  Don’t go posting on social media where and when you are going somewhere, talk about you leaving someone home along for the first time or other details.  To keep people locked out of your life and to keep everyone safe you really want to limit the information you present to the world.

Use combination locks

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When protecting physical items you will want to consider using a combination lock. The combination lock is harder to crack than one with a key.  If you have a key lock try to get the pins inside rekeyed for extra protection.  Locks and other items purchased off the shelf may have a standardized set of key patterns that are set across multiple locks.  Purchasing a series of these locks will give a criminal access to master keys to use on that brand. 

Safety is your primary objective. Using a locksmith to help add an additional level of security to our stuff will keep our world random and more secure.