Tips To Getting Players Onto The Green

When running a golf course there is a lot of promotion and dedication that goes into making sure the course runs smoothly.  When going to a golf course golfers and their families don’t primarily go to hit a little white ball into a little round hole.  They go for the social experience, entertainment and fun that comes with the community created by golfers.  This is why golf course services hobe sound fl are so important to put into place.  With more services and changing services offered, people will want to come back again and again.

All you can play day

When playing golf the course will typically charge per round of golf played.  This can be a little expensive if you will have multiple people laying at a time.  When courses offer an all you can play day the price is usually set at a flat rate and this opens the field up for everyone to have fun on the course.

golf course services hobe sound fl

Specialty programs and events

When we offer specialty programs and events we are drawing attention to the course.  Events like ladies night will encourage more women to get onto the course and learn the sport.  Couples only is another great way to encourage a date night with girlfriends and wives.  Kids only will get new players into the sport which can lead to future revenue for years to come.


Another great way to get people onto the course is to offer lessons.  Most courses will focus on established players and forget about getting new players to join.  This is a huge monetary loss for any business.   Focusing on established clients and customers will keep your business running but looking for new opportunities to get new players onto the field will increase revenues over time.  Don’t neglect your main customers though, maintaining a equal balance will keep everybody happy.