Hydrodemolition – An Overview of The Newest and Greatest Way to Remove Harmed Surface Concrete



Put really simply, hydrodemolition utilizes large tension water to take away floor concrete down to the underlying steel help framework, or rebar as it is known in the development trade
In advance of hydro demolition was established as a credible alternative, the favoured procedure for stripping area concrete was to use pneumatic jackhammers or hand chiselling in some sensitive areas. This extremely destructive strategy has now become out-of-date as it gets rid of the two fantastic and bad concrete. It also leads to destruction to the remaining wholesome, audio, concrete and the steel reinforcement, as properly as injuring jackhammer operators.

In summary, the causes you should not use harmful pneumatic strategies to take away harmed area concrete are:

  • Destruction to the rebars
  • Lengthy phrase problems to the bond amongst concrete and deeper rebars.
  • New micro cracks can be designed, and subsequent more weaknesses
  • There is no selective removing: it’s all or almost nothing
  • It is labour intense and harmful
  • It is sluggish and noisy
  • It is finally far more high priced (over-all cost)

About Hydro demolition

Enterprise hydro-demolition is not an straightforward, or easy occupation, but it can be exceptionally efficient in conditions of the end end result and a pretty value effective resolution moreover.

There are two main kinds:

  • Standard or handheld
  • Robotic hydrodemolition

Common Hydrodemolition

Common Hydro demolition has traditionally associated an operator keeping a lance.

Hydro-demolition uses 20 litres of h2o for each moment at a stress of 2500 bar pushing 25 – 30kg of response pressure on the human overall body. This indicates this method can be dangerous and, significantly like the pneumatic jackhammer tactic, also monotonous and difficult bodily get the job done.

This indicates that, owing to the physical prerequisites, an operator can at times only stand 10 or 15 minutes devoid of having a crack or relaxation. As the workday progresses operators come to be fatigued and mainly because of this there is the possible for mishaps to happen.

Common hydrodemolition hence can, and need to, only be utilised for little brief spell careers.

For larger careers, Robotic Hydrodemolition is used as a more successful and safer alternative.

Robotic Hydrodemolition

Hydro demolition is a fast and efficient strategy of concrete elimination, without the need of harming the surrounding construction and embedded rebar, utilising the energy of substantial-stress drinking water.

A jet of higher-strain h2o is directed at the surface area of the concrete where by it penetrates the voids and micro-cracks. When the water force inside the voids overcomes the tension of the concrete a modest “blast” occurs and this breaks the concrete away.

Harmed concrete is typically weaker than good concrete and so, with the proper settings, it is attainable to receive selective removing. This usually means that all the destroyed and weak concrete is taken out and the audio concrete is left at the rear of.

The hydro-demolition robot guarantees that the concrete area is uncovered to the water-jet systematically. The essential removal depth will hence not have to be specified correctly considering that the robot “actions” and gets rid of the concrete at the identical time.

Do the job rates of .3 – .4 m3 for each hour can be envisioned when making use of a robot – a substantial enhance on handbook strategies primarily for delicate parts exactly where hand chisels might have to be used otherwise.

Operators are remote from the work getting carried out and so endure neither the bodily pressure of handbook signifies nor run the chance of staying hurt by flying particles as the robot perform head is completely shrouded.

As it is programmable, the robot’s perform can be conveniently replicated. This implies the same depth of slash can be executed within a predictable time body on a provided spot of concrete. Undertaking management is therefore improved as timescales can be much more correctly calculated.

Perhaps expensive staff coaching and maintenance prerequisites for robotic hydro demolition can be circumvented by subcontracting the get the job done to specialists who employ out the two the tools and the operators. While the headline charge of this can in some cases appear expensive, a complete analysis of the deal will commonly expose financial savings overall that can be significant.

Newest Traits

The industry development is towards hydrodemolition and the Concrete Maintenance Affiliation has provided assistance that states: “where ever achievable hydro demolition should really be the favored process of concrete removal”.

There has also been a legislative adjust which is outlined in The Command of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 (the Vibration Regulations).

The introduction of hydrodemolition approaches for the elimination of faulty concrete therefore complies with each legislative specifications and advisable industrial ideal practice.


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