Terminating Men’s Health Issues


We often come across the idiom ‘health is wealth’ and it indeed is but unfortunate in these competitive times that health is put on the back-burner until it becomes too serious to ignore. Researches conclude that amongst men’s health issues, diseases related to heart and blood pressure are more common and if not treated properly or neglected, these can lead to other serious complications.

Unlike women, men are not very free talking about health issues and seldom consult a doctor if they are sensing the development of a health problem. In such cases, a health magazine specifically for men is the best guide as they have a column where people put forth their queries to receive a solution from the experts. Some of the most commonly experienced health issues are discussed below:

· Skin Problems:

Unlike women, most men are not conscious about their skin; consequently, they do not find it essential to use lotions and skin care products to safeguard their skin. However, it is noteworthy that during teenage years, irrespective of the gender, skin changes occur.

While girls, talk about their skin problems and arrive at a solution, boys on the other hand, may be embarrassed to ask or are careless about these problems, thus neglecting them. These slight skin problems can at times aggravate and develop into severe skin diseases.

Therefore, it is essential to use skin care products but before using them, it is advisable to consult a skin care specialist.

· Fitness:

Men in the 21st century are highly conscious about their physical appearance, and this calls for a rigorous fitness regime. However in today’s times, appearance has been given a back seat to fitness, resulting in health problems like muscle pull, tennis elbow, etc. which if not treated on time are capable of aggravating. Therefore, one must consult a physician or a professional trainer before going in for any exercise or training.

· Weight Related Issues –

While it is a known fact that obesity can be hazardous in the long run, it has become a major concern for men these days. When talking about being obese, it is important to note its harmful effects, one of which being a decrease in the HDL cholesterol, which is responsible for eliminating LDL and thus increasing life span and reducing the risk of heart attack; while simultaneously an increase in LDL occurs which can clog the arteries and cause heart attacks.

· Sexual Problems:

This is one belt of health problem that men would never discuss with anyone because it is directly linked to their ego. However, it is essential to consult a doctor if you are experiencing a deterioration in your sexual performance, since it could be a flash light to another disease.

So, if you are experiencing a health problem, it makes perfectly good sense for you to consult a doctor and address some core issues affecting your health, since that is exactly what the doctors are there for- to provide a solution to your health issues.


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