Terms & Conditions

When we talk about “the Agreement,” we’re referring to the legal agreement that you made when you bought the services that are governed by these terms and conditions.

“Customer” refers to the individual, group, or organisation that receives services.

“Services” refers to UNDELETE EUROPE public scheduled courses, on-site training courses, and consultation services, all of which are to be given to the Customer in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
The term “in-house training” refers to training that is provided by UNDELETE EUROPE on the premises of the customer.
“Public courses” are training sessions that are provided by UNDELETE EUROPE to several clients at a venue that is either owned and operated by UNDELETE EUROPE or at a different location than that of the customer.
“Consultancy” refers to the provision of advise and other forms of help that are tailored to the individual needs of a Customer and are predetermined before the start of the engagement.
“Engagement” is a term that refers to each unique piece of customised in-house training or consultancy work that the Customer requests.
“Bespoke training” is a term that describes training that is adapted to meet the particular needs of a customer and may include, but is not limited to, the production of new and individualised training materials.
“Working Day” refers to any day of the week that falls on a weekday other than Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays in the United Kingdom.

The term “Third Party” refers to any external party, contractor, or consultant that UNDELETE EUROPE may choose to work with in order to provide the Services.
The price that is stated in a proposal document, a contract, or any other type of formal communication is referred to as a “quote.”


Prior to making a purchase, you are required to read and agree to all of the following terms and conditions. You acknowledge that you are agreeing to be legally bound by these terms and conditions when you make a purchase of any of our services.

If you place an order for services with UNDELETE EUROPE, you are stating that you are legally able to enter into legally binding contracts on behalf of the Customer. Additionally, you are acknowledging that in the event that a purchase order is issued for the ordering of such services, these Terms and Conditions will take precedence over any terms and conditions that may be included in such a purchase order.

In the event that a customer has a specific agreement or contract in place for alternative services provided by UNDELETE EUROPE, the customer acknowledges that these Terms and Conditions will apply for any instances of training or consultancy, and/or where there is a conflict of terms and conditions, unless expressly acknowledged in writing by UNDELETE EUROPE. This is the case even in the event that the customer has a specific agreement or contract in place for alternative services provided by UNDELETE EUROPE.

UNDELETE EUROPE retains the authority to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time and without previous notification. When modifications are implemented, the UNDELETE EUROPE website will be updated to reflect the new information (www.makeuk.org). If the Customer does not accept any changes, the Customer is required to promptly notify UNDELETE EUROPE  of such non-acceptance. In the event that the Customer does not accept any changes, the previous T&Cs will govern for the duration of the Agreement’s remaining term, while the new T&Cs will apply to any new Agreement.

UNDELETE EUROPE is obligated to perform the Services that have been requested and as detailed in any written proposal that UNDELETE EUROPE  has provided, using the appropriate amount of expertise and care at all times.

The Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England. Any disagreements that may arise in relation to this Agreement are to be brought before the courts of England, which shall have exclusive and exclusive jurisdiction.

Each of the parties is working on their own as an independent contractor. There will be no partnership, joint venture, agency, or any other type of connection established between the parties as a result of this Agreement in any way, shape, or form. It is agreed that neither party will make any claims that they are the other party’s legal representative, partner, agent, franchisee, or employee.

Any or all of UNDELETE EUROPE responsibilities or rights under this Agreement may be assigned or subcontracted to a third party that meets the requirements, in UNDELETE EUROPE discretion. Without the prior and explicit written agreement of UNDELETE EUROPE, the Customer is not permitted to assign any portion of this Agreement, whether in whole or in part.

When you provide us with personal data relating to your employees or agents, you are confirming that you are permitted to disclose that data to us in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018 and other related legislation, and that we are permitted to process such data for the purposes of providing the contracted services to you. This authorization comes from the fact that you have provided us with the personal data in the first place.

The Obligations of the Customer

3.1 In the event that UNDELETE EUROPE  is required to perform services on the premises of the Customer, the Customer agrees to provide a full and safe working environment for UNDELETE EUROPE  staff and contractors. This environment must include any relevant safety wear and equipment that may be necessary in order for UNDELETE EUROPE to perform the required services.

3.2 The Customer acknowledges and accepts that it is their responsibility to ensure that the personnel of UNDELETE EUROPE and any sub-contractors employed by UNDELETE EUROPE  are informed of any applicable health and safety regulations of the Customer’s site before any services are performed.

3.3 The Customer agrees that they will have suitable employer’s liability and public liability insurance in place at all times that UNDELETE EUROPE will be performing services on the Customer’s premises. This agreement is in effect for the entire duration that UNDELETE EUROPE  will be performing services on the Customer’s premises.

 Fees & Payment Fees

4.1 Any rates that are provided to the Customer for the supply of Public Courses shall be based on the price lists that are currently in effect at the time of the quotation. These pricing lists are always open to modification and adjustment at any moment.

4.2 The day conference venue fees are included in the prices that are quoted for Public Courses that are held at an UNDELETE EUROPE Venue. However, the cost of any overnight accommodations that may be required is not included in these prices and will be subject to a separate fee as well as additional terms and conditions.

4.3 The prices that are quoted for the provision of in-house training or consultancy are provided on a bespoke basis, meaning that they are dependent on the requirements of the Customers on a job-by-job basis. These prices are only valid for a period of thirty days beginning on the date of any written quote.

4.4 Any discounts offered by UNDELETE EUROPE  to the Customer for the provision of services are offered against published price lists or standard rates in force at the date of quote. Such discounts or offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers that are available at that time. UNDELETE EUROPE  reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

4.5 The prices shown on this page do not include value-added tax (VAT), which will be added at the current rate.

4.6 Any and all prices that are mentioned are only for the supply of services and do not include any travel, subsistence, or other expenditures. The Customer is responsible for paying for all expenses, with the exception of mileage, in line with the expenses policy established by UNDELETE EUROPE. The customer shall be responsible for covering the costs associated with such travel and subsistence. A fee of 65 pence per mile will be assessed to the Customer for the mileage driven.

4.7 All fees are subject to annual or other such periodic review and amendment in order to take into account the changing nature and variation of wages, materials, and other costs associated with providing the services to the customer. This review and amendment may take place more than once per year. UNDELETE EUROPE is not obligated to make any fee adjustments in response to cost increases of any kind and expressly maintains the right to do so.